WER 2018 World Championship Amazes the World!


On December 15, WER 2018 World Championship, which has attracted substantial attention, was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center More than 10,000 “masters” in the field of educational robots from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, such as the United States, Britain, Mexico, Canada and Croatia, have launched an extremely fierce competition here Co-founder of World Educational Robotics Society (WERS) and World Educational Robotics (WER) professor Jake Mendelssohn, Co-founder of World Educational Robotics Society (WERS) and World Educational Robotics (WER) Dr. Weimin Yun, dozens of domestic and foreign distinguished guests were invited to attend the event. Mr.Tianyou Chai, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, MIT China Interviewer, Mr.Benli Feng and others have made important speeches in the event. They highly praised the reform and innovation brought by the World Education Robot Competition to the development of world education.

WER(World Educational Robot Contest), founded in 2013, is launched and sponsored by the World Society of Educational Robots. At present, it is the largest, most competitive and most educational robot contest in the world, mainly for young people aged 3-18 around the world. The smallest contestant in the WER 2017 season was only 5 years old.

WER World Championship is a grand event in the field of educational robotics, which can be rated to the Olympic Games in the field of educational robots. CCTV, local satellite TV, many networks and print media have reported it comprehensively. Obedience to the core concept of training successful ability, improving scientific and technological literacy, sharpening scientific and technological talents, WER’s appearance makes the world striking in every year, and it can meet everyone’s expectation. What are the bright changes in 2018WER? Let’s have a look.

Fighting for information, the theme is closely linked to the lifeblood of the times

In 1946, the world’s first computer came into use. In 1969, the Internet was born. Now, the number of Internet users has exceeded 3 billion out of the 7 billion people in the world. Information technology is exhaustively changing human development in an unprecedented way. The 2018 WER World Championship, with the theme of “Information Age”, is fighting for information security, let the young players give full play to their creativity, like software engineers, telecommunications experts, data analysts, network and information security administrators, writing code, innovating communication technology, developing applications, protecting network security, so that information can better serve human development!


Creating Records, Renewing History

As the vane of the global education robot competition, WER has been holding several “most”: the largest scale, the largest number of participants, the highest bonus, the most advanced competition items, the most educational value and so on. This time these records have been refreshed again. More than 50 countries and regions, more than 500,000 contestants, more than 1,000 matches, covering a wide range, the largest scale in history. More than 2,100 teams, more than 10,000 students, and the size of competitors just like Olympic is the largest in the history. 3H Pavilion of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, with 27,000 square meters of indoor space, has the largest competition area in history.

Keep up with the time and upgrade the contest arenas and tasks

In the event, obedience to the spirit of popularization and professionalism of WER design, the brick educational robot contest, mobile education robot competition, modular education robot competition, flying educational robot contest, underwater education robot contest, VR educational robot contest, humanoid educational robot contest and innovative design educational robot contest in the World Championship have been fully upgraded and increased. A more popular competition system for after-school training centers has been set up. In the stage, following the style of the laboratory solution design, extracting the space capsule material, integrating the elements of science and technology, the various venues are dazzling. About service, to create the best competition environment for children, so that every participating child can be immersed in the enthusiasm atmosphere of training the ability to succeed, improve scientific and technological literacy, hone scientific and technological talent, and strive to create an Olympic-like experience


Exclusive Platform – Abilix Products.

As the only designated platform of the World Educational Robot Competition (WER), the 10 latest competition products launched by Abilix in this year have been fully used in this competition. The new product is equipped with the world’s first large screen technology and powerful chips which can compare favorably with the mobile phones. The introduction of new technology makes the educational robot competition more innovative, more diversified, and greatly improves the challenge of WER competition. With the most advantageous weapon support, the young people, let this competition unusually brilliant — with high lights, climax repeatedly.

Abilix is the exclusive robot platform to the contest